I use the name bobby which is pretty close to my actual name.  I am a 77year old retired college instructor who has studied and taught about religions (among other things).  As a kid, i had an interest in spirituality although i don't know why because none of the experiences i had with religion encouraged anything approximating what i would call spirituality.  As i became part of the secular, modern, academic, intellectual world, this interest was buried behind a more scientific attitude.  I still have a somewhat scientific and skeptical attitude, but i am once again on a spiritual quest.  About a year and a half ago i came across a Live Journal spiritual journal that was tremendously helpful to me (though the author expressed herself in terminology and apparently held beliefs which were quite alien to me personally).  I decided to start my own journal to track and share my spiritual path.

In the past year and a half i have made some friends who seem to share some of my concerns and have joined several communities.  One, called contemplatives is similar to this one in many ways.  It is like this one, in particular, because very few people post to it and those posts are few and far between.  It is nice to read the "members page" but usually people are not posting about their spiritual thoughts, practices, and concerns.  I also belong to some communities focused on Mahayana Buddhism and Philosophical Taoism.  I have joined this community so i can read what others write and also make my own contribution if i can.  But i feel that  my spiritual journey is not "going anywhere" meaning that i am still the same selfish son-of-bitch i was a year and a half ago.  I talk a good talk, but i do not walk the walk.

A friend and i are considering starting a "spiritual practice" community based on the 12 step programs (The 12 Steps for Everyone who wants to use Them.)  Both of us were in al-anon in the 1980s (she in Maryland, i in Idaho) and feel that we benefited from that program tremendously,  We both began  our spiritual paths (at least in terms of actual practice) in "those rooms."  Anyone who finds this idea fascinating or urgent is invited to contact reginaterrae