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I always find it weird - and on the other hand, pretty delightful - how things get complicated when we start including the meta level into our thinking: when we start to talk about exclusive vs inclusive spiritualities, instead of talking about one religious content vs the other.

I have often wondered about the possibility of a truly inclusive spirituality. Such a spirituality, to me, would include the acceptance of those paths that are exclusive: the realization that some people's stance of their way being The Only True Way (TM) is just another way of acknowledging the universe - not stupid or undeveloped, just different from my position, and maybe even different in a delightful, enriching way.

Comparing the following two statements:
  • "I am the way, the truth and the life" (exclusive)
  • "All instruction is but a finger pointing to the moon." (inclusive)
quite regardless of my greater sympathy for the latter stance, I wonder if there can be a point of view that is ABOVE both of them, including and extending both, in a way that proponents of both the exclusive and the inclusive way can accept.

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Hi, I am a member of an lj community called contemplatives. We have 18 members including Catholics, Sufis, and at least one of each of the following: wiccan, agnostic, protestant, and buddhist. We have not found an inclusive path, but we share each others' paths in a spirit of tolerance. Some of us are on path, others find our paths clogged with distractions and sufferings, others are still looking to take the first step. Your posts on spiritualities are intersting, and helpful to me. I will keep reading.